Get Reliable General Purpose Fasteners for Your Construction Projects

Whether you are working on a DIY interior construction project or are working on a new construction with a contractor, it’s important to ensure that you are equipped with a supply of reliable fasteners that can suit the task at hand. Offering some of the most reliable general-purpose fasteners on the market, when you are looking to ensure that you have the right screws for any project, you can count on the screws from Midwest fastener. With two major lines of general-purpose screws, the construction fasteners from Midwest fastener can help you complete any project without cutting any corners.

Get the Right Screws for Any Project with BuildRight Fasteners

When you’re looking to ensure that you have a stock of durable, long lasting, and effective fasteners that can help you meet the needs of any light to standard duty construction project, there’s no better choice than the BuildRight brand of construction fasteners from Midwest Fastener. Ideal for interior remodeling projects, simple repairs, and other standard duty construction applications, the drywall screws, deck screws, and more. offering a versatile assortment of screws and other construction fasteners, the BuildRight line from from Midwest Fastener can help ensure that you always have the right fasteners for the job on hand.

Get Unbeatable Reliability with SaberDrive Fasteners

When you are looking to complete your standard duty construction projects as fast as possible without cutting any corners, there’s no better fastener for the job than the screws from SaberDrive. Offering some of the industry’s most reliable trim screws, decking screws, and structural screws, the SaberDrive screws from Midwest Fastener were engineered to deliver one of the most secure holds possible. Featuring a design that eliminates the need to drill pilot holes, serrated threads that guarantee a secure fastening, and an xl1500 coating that helps ensure each screw has the durability the need to provide a long-lasting hold, the SaberDrive screws from Midwest fastener can help ensure that your construction projects have the stability they need.

When you are looking for some of the most reliable general-purpose fasteners on the market, you can find the fasteners you need for any interior or exterior construction project with the BuildRight and SaberDrive brands of construction screws from Midwest Fastener. Locate a dealer to get the general-purpose fasteners you need for any construction project or contact us today to learn more about the brands of construction fasteners offered by Midwest Fastener.