SaberDrive Platinum construction fasteners

When you need the absolute best deck screws and construction fasteners, you need SaberDrive Platinum. These fasteners are precision at its finest: innovative and dependable. As an ICC-approved product, SaberDrive Platinum fasteners remove concerns and worries, allowing you – and your architect or builder – to focus on what’s important: completing the project. With the highest quality deck screws, construction lag screws, and structural screws on the market, SaberDrive Platinum is the go-to solution when you’re looking to eliminate headaches, relieve doubts, and meet stringent requirements.

For a bigger bite, a better drive, and platinum results

SaberDrive Platinum deck screws are one of the industry’s boldest solutions that drill as they drive. ICC certified and backed by 2500 hours of corrosion-free testing, they are the sturdiest, the longest lasting, and the most dependable fasteners on the market. Ideal for heavy duty construction, they are equipped with a spiral-razor tip for the fastest bite. They also feature cutting blade threads to reduce splitting for an easy, natural drive. In addition to all of this, they also have countersinking arc nibs to ensure the tightest fit possible. When you need the absolute best, you need SaberDrive Platinum.