Fasteners With Quality Features That Can Enhance Any Building Project

When you are working on any construction project, you want to make sure you have a supply of high-quality construction screws that can help you get the job done. An industry leading fastener supplier, when you are looking for some of the best construction screws to complete your projects, you can count on the construction fasteners offered by Midwest fastener. Engineered with quality features, the construction screws from Midwest Fastener can help you enhance any construction project.

Reliable General Use Fasteners

Offering great economy on a massive selection of screws from decking and drywall screws, to general use all-purpose screws, when you are looking to stay well equipped with all-purpose screws that can hold up for almost any general construction project, you can count on the buildright brand of fasteners from Midwest Fastener. Ideal for light interior construction projects from hanging drywall to simple repairs and upgrades, the BuildRight brand of fasteners offers a versatile resource.

Heavy duty Fasteners that Help Speed Up Construction

Engineered with a star drive to reduce cam-out and featuring a design that eliminates the need to predrill pilot holes, the SaberDrive line of fasteners can bring added efficiency to any construction project. With an Exclusive XL1500 coating and case hardened to ensure that they last in even the toughest conditions, when you are looking for a long-lasting hold with a fastener that has a strong bite, you can rely on the SaberDrive construction screws from Midwest Fastener.

Fasteners that Provide the Strongest Hold Possible

When you’re looking to eliminate any concerns during your construction projects, you want to ensure that you are using the strongest constructions crews possible. Further improving upon the design of the saberdrive brand of fasteners, SaberDrive Platinum offers some of the strongest screws on the market. With a spiral razor tip for a faster bite, cutting blades to reduce wood splitting, a spiral threaded shank that increases the pull of each screw, countersinking arc nibs that give it the tightest fit possible, when you need a screw that you can rely on for heavy duty construction projects, and an ICC certification for over 2500 hours or corrosion resistance, you can rest easy knowing that your build will always hold up with SaberDrive Platinum.

Offering quality features, when you are looking for the right fasteners to ensure that your construction projects will last, you can count on the fasteners from Midwest Fastener to get the job done. To learn more about how the buildright, saberdrive, and saberdrive platinum fasteners from Midwest Fastener can enhance your construction projects, contact us today.