Complete Your Interior Remodeling Projects With Quality Construction Fasteners

When you are working on any interior remodeling project, you want to make sure that you are using reliable fasteners that help you get the job done right. Manufacturing high quality fasteners since 1967, Midwest Fastener carries some of the most reliable fastener products that can help you finish any remodeling project. Offering some of the most effective wood, cabinet, floorboard, deck, and drywall screws on the market in their brands, the Construction Fasteners from Midwest fastener can help ensure that your interior construction project is a success.

Light Duty Fasteners Ideal for Interior Construction

Offering economical and effective light duty fasteners that can meet the needs of almost any interior construction project, the BuildRight brand of construction screws from Midwest fastener can help you ensure that you always have the right screws for the job on hand. From all-purpose wood screws and deck screws, to drywall screws and other specialized fasteners, the BuildRight brand of fasteners boasts an impressive selection of affordable construction screws that can help you get the fasteners you need while also fitting your budget. Engineered to be long lasting and durable, whether you are working on simple repairs, or home upgrades, you can count on BuildRight to get the job done.

Standard and Heavy-Duty Construction Fasteners that Ensure a Strong Hold

Featuring unique serrated threads that guarantee secure fastening, and an xl5100 coating for added durability, when you need some of the strongest fasteners available to finish your remodeling project, you can count on the SaberDrive brand from Midwest Fastener. Perfect for light and heavy-duty construction, the decking screws from SaberDrive can lend their strength to ensure that any interior construction project benefits from one of the strongest holds possible.

With an ICC certification for over 2500 hours of corrosion free testing and engineered with cutting blade threads that eliminate the need for predrilling, the SaberDrive Platinum brand from Midwest Fastener further improves upon the features of the SaberDrive Fasteners. Some of the sturdiest and longest lasting fasteners on the market, if you are looking for a fastener that can help you complete your interior construction project fast while ensuring that your project will last as long as possible, the SaberDrive Platinum brand from Midwest fastener can help you get the job done.

Helping to provide some of the best screws on the market for over 50 years, you can count on the fasteners brands from Midwest fastener to help you finish your remodeling projects. Browse our fasteners brands online or contact us today to learn more about the features the brands of construction fasteners from Midwest fastener offer.